How to get rid of Hemorrhoids

How to get rid of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are usually caused when constipation forces you over exert yourself while having a bowel movement. The increased pressure that you put on the sensitive veins of your anal region leads to hemorrhoid swelling, bleeding, itchiness and general discomfort.

Since constipation is usually the cause of hemorrhoids, the most effective way in order to cure hemorrhoids is to change your diet.

That Means You Have to Include Lots of Fibrous Foods in Your Diet

Some delicious foods high in fiber include vegetables such as spinach, kale and sweet potatoes. You should also eat a lot of fruit everyday. High fiber fruits such as pears, apples and oranges prunes, grapefruit and cherries will add roughage and liquid to your bar stools.

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  • As you add more fiber to be able to your diet you must drink lots of water.
  • FIber and drinking water will bulk increase stools so that they are full and moist.
  • This will allow them to come out easier.
  • As your constipation problems subside, so will your hemorrhoids.

You should avoid or cut back on foods such as white bread, white rice and other highly processed foods because they are very low in fiber and often lead to constipation. Use whole grain breads, past and also brown rice instead.

  • Easing constipation to create easy going number 2 is the best way to get rid of hemorrhoids.
  • However, you may also want to find some hemorrhoid treatments that you can use to relieve the burning, itching, and swelling that you are having now.

There are usually numerous hemorrhoid products, ointments, suppositories and supplements available on the internet that you can use to relieve your this. Popular hemorrhoid creams and products include Zenmed Ziro and Hemorrhoids No More. Suppositories consist of Preparation H and Calmol. Supplements include Venapro and also Avatrol.

There are Also Many Free of Charge Home Treatments that You can Use to Find Relief

One on probably the most soothing home treatments could be the sitz bath. This is a small tub that is especially designed to allow the soaking of hemorrhoids without taking a bath. In this process the rectal area is soaked in hot water for 15-20 minutes 3-4 times a day. Taking a sitz bath helps relieve hemorrhoid signs as well as promotes shrinkage of the hemorrhoid.

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    • You can also apply ice packages on the anal area to reduce swelling.
    • Do this several times a day while putting you up.
    • Ice packs are not as comfortable as sitz baths but they are very effective for temporary settlement.
    • There are surgery for getting rid of hemorrhoids.
    • Three of these procedures are:

    Rubber Band Ligation - A little rubber band is placed at the bottom of the internal hemorrhoid to cut off the blood flow.

    Laser Coagulation - An electric current will be applied to the particular hemorrhoids and shuts down the blood supply causing the painful tissue to shrink.

    Hemorrhoidectomy - The hemorrhoids are surgically removed with a scalpel, cattery device or laser.

    • Thankfully, most cases of hemorrhoids can be treated and cured without surgical procedures by following the advice above.
    • To be able to find out more about the most popular hemorrhoid treatments read the information you will find from Health Watch Report.