An Overview of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

An Overview of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

The occurrence of hemorrhoids around the anus region is a common ailment. Almost everyone will encounter all of them but treatments are easy to administer. Nonetheless, there is still this particular chance where this problem can grow into a major one. When this condition becomes worse, simple home treatments will not be able to solve this problem anymore. The symptoms experienced will also become more severe than usual. The basic tasks such as walking, standing and sitting will also become painful. Even the act of urinating could already bring discomfort to the anal area. In this type of condition, a big lump of size will completely block the anus. In normal cases, this large can only grow as wide as the width of a single finger which is definitely a lot smaller. When a single lump becomes bigger than this, it would be wise to immediately seek for medical help.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids are Extremely Painful as Well as can be Very Disturbing

They are made from blood clot creation in the blood vessels of the anal canal. They can be easily noticed due to the huge and firm mass they create. The exposed mass may appear as reddish and sometimes even bluish because of the absence of blood flow. In worst cases, gangrene can happen when the clump of bulk dies due to necrosis. Septicemia may also occur when the infection becomes very severe. The risk of having septicemia will be very low but there is still this small chance of its occurrence.

The Treatment With Regard to this Condition May Include Surgery

However, it can still be treated with non-surgical procedures when acted upon quickly. Choosing the right treatment will depend on how severe the signs are. If the swelling is preventing a person to do normal activities, having that surgically removed would be the fastest way. However, if the signs are still tolerable, treating it with Epsom baths, creams along with other supplements can slowly reduce the size and can certainly lessen the pain.

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This Very Painful Condition can be Easily Prevented With Simple Actions

The first and best thing to do is to take care of the first hemorrhoids before they can come to be greater swellings. Managing them can be easily done both at home and by doctors. This preventive measure will simply last a few weeks and should be an easy task for anyone to do. Achieving this can also avoid the person from undergoing surgical treatments. However, surgery should be done only as a last option.

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